Our New And Amazing Electric Power Saving Pot

Does Not Just Cook But Also Performs Multiple Tasks Like: Boil,

 Steam, Fry, Bake, Grill, Roast And So On.


It Cuts Down Cooking Time: With this pot, you can cook food 10 times faster than other cooking methods of cooking. Various foods get done in less than 20 minutes.

If you have a busy schedule you can start cooking your food where ever you are, even at your work place or after coming home from work without hassle

Multi-Function & Practical:  It can be used to steam, boil water, cooking noodles/pasta/dumplings, hot pot, egg, boil soup/porridge/oatmeal, and stew..

 Double-layer design: The upper layer can be used to steam the steamed bread, the dumplings are heated, and the lower layer can be used for cooking.

 Cook Frozen Food Faster: It allows you to cook your frozen foods faster and easily defrost it. This can help in improving your lifestyle if you don’t always remember to set food out from your freezer which leads to spending money to buy food from outside or skipping a meal. 

 It Lessing Oil Consumption: It uses Far Less Oil When Frying or Cooking Using this non-stick electric cooker, this means you need far LESS OIL when frying.

Normal Price: ₦30,000

Promo Price: ₦21,000


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